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2016 Results

Well done to the Arena Eventing team that competed in the Area 12 FOTH  qualifiers at Pontispool on Sunday 28th Feb. Not only did they remember the twisty course, they came 4th. 
See more on the News page.
Great success by the EDRC Combined Training Team - they won! 
Winning Senior Team were:
Zoe Berrisford - Barum First Edition
Pru McNulty - Cnocaninoinin Clover
Heather Williams - Riverside Crystal
Claire Harvey - Star Role
Full senior results here and junior results here.
EDRC members success at TREC SW events!

Jenny Plastow on Trinity Hill won the TREC open class at Coombe Park on 19th March and the Open at Knighton School near Blandford Forum on 27th March, Anna Ames second on Balladine.
Anna Ames on Balladine also second in the Intermediate class.
And Anna and Jenny won the pairs.
Great riding in the area never seen so many bridleways in one place!
See here for Senior results and here for Junior results.
FOTH Eventers Challenge Team
Well done! Our team came 4th in the 90cm Challenge on February 28th at Pontispool
Heather Williams and Riversides Crystal
Alex McRobbie and Diamond Crackerjack
Holly Blane and Franklin's Lucky Double
Sophie James and Tamatown
Jan Harvey and Star Role were 25th
Natalia Berry and Saigheada Beaga were 8th in the Juniors
Well done to Dressage teams in Area 12 Winter Dressage today!
Novice team of Zoe Berisford 5th ,Jane Clark, Tracey Bowden and Heather Williams

Were placed 4th in the team competition 

Intermediate team of Pru McNulty 1st, Sarah Tancock 2nd, Carolyn Bourne 2nd and Pippa Perry 2nd.


Well done, the team were 1st so have qualified for the BRC Winter National Championships.


Well done to Jenny Plastow and Trinity Hill who were 2nd in the Open TREC class at Bicton College today.


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